Marketing material, website copy, listicles, Q&A, social media and well-researched pieces on tech, finance, insurance, investment and more.

Boost by Axiata

E-Wallet Marketing

Wrote marketing campaign collateral and website copy for a mobile e-wallet developed by one of Asia’s top telco companies. This was part of my work under Entropia Global.

Aset Kayamas Beverly Group

Real Estate Facebook

Crafted Facebook posts for Malaysian real estate firms to promote new urban property developments. This was part of my work under Infra Design, a local boutique ad agency.

dto by Sime Darby

Property Platform

Crafted and edited the brand story, mechanics and FAQ for this website aimed at future home buyers wanting to co-create their living space. This was part of my work under Mirum KL.

Marketing Magazine Asia

Press Release

A media release crafted for Clicks Communication announcing their partnership with video streaming platform TikTok to elevate mobile advertising in Malaysia. (insurance comparison platform)

Clearing Up The Confusion Around Travel Insurance: A Hitlist

Q&A-style piece addressing common questions around travel insurance targeted at laymen aged 18 to 40. (insurance comparison platform)

Is Medical Insurance Costly For My Elderly Parents?

Q&A-style piece outlining the importance of insurance for the elderly and the options available, targeted at laymen aged 18 to 40.

WiseNet Asia

Revolutionizing Everyday Business: How Tencent and Wechat are Transforming a Nation

An informative, fact-based piece on the spread of technology and its effect on daily lives in China.

WiseNet Asia

Chongqing: A Growing Career Destination to Explore

Highlighting the socio-economic attractions of Chongqing, China for prospective talents seeking employment overseas.

JLL Singapore

6 Great Reasons to Invest in International Properties

A listicle on why overseas properties make good investments geared to prospective buyers.

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