Favourite Websites

Culture & Curios

  • CityLab — Everything on urban planning, city innovations and the effects of socio-political events on the spaces we live in
  • Atlas Obscura — Snapshots of amusing practices and outlandish places around the world from the beginning of time till now

Life Things

  • Brain Pickings — Acute reflections on human thought and feeling charged by literature, art and philosophy
  • James Clear — Groundbreaking and realistic ideas on forming habits and making decisions for a better life with improved fitness and productivity
  • Mark Manson — Snappy and practical advice on life decisions, relationships, work and self-esteem
  • The School of Life — Explorations on self-awareness and love in every imaginable aspect of daily life

Personal Finance

  • mr-stingy — Primarily tips on money and investment for the average Malaysian, with insightful wisdom on career and optimizing life
  • Ringgit Oh Ringgit — Actionable tips on maximizing, stretching and increasing income backed by lived experience and lots of discipline
  • Mr Money Mustache — Pragmatic ideas for financial freedom and the impact of a frugal lifestyle